Testing Notes

Beta Testing of Bitwig Studio 5.2

Bitwig Studio 5.2 is now in beta testing for users with an active Upgrade Plan. It features a modern compressor, inspired EQs, editing enhancements and more. Go tickle your GPU today.

NOTE: Do not use a beta version to work on important projects! Project files created or saved with the beta cannot be opened in previous versions of Bitwig Studio. So if you are opening working projects, save copies of them for beta testing (instead of saving over your original files).

If you think you have found a bug, please drop us a line at beta@bitwig.com. Please be sure to include:

And if you get a crash report dialog from the program, please click Send Report. Adding a comment is most helpful, but this can still be useful to us regardless.

ALSO: The graphics engine has been rewritten in this update on all three platforms. If you experience graphical glitches or issues, do contact beta@bitwig.com with screenshots or recordings, as well as information about your machine and graphics card.

System Requirements

Changes in Bitwig Studio 5.2, Beta 2 [released 14 May 2024]

New Features



What's New in Bitwig Studio 5.2, Beta 1 [released 25 April 2024]

New device: Compressor+ (Dynamics)

Three Models in One

Character Counts

Multiband Analysis, Unified Compression

A Choice of VCA Flavors

And More

Inspired EQs

New device: Sculpt (EQ)

New device: Focus (EQ)

New device: Tilt (EQ)

Precision Editing

Time Selection + Key Commands = Quick Edits

New Time-Selection Editing Functions

Object Selection Improvements & Workflows

Other Moveable Objects

Beat Detection and New Functions

In The Groove

Elevating Audio's Tempo to the Project Level

New Graphics Engine, Sporting Hardware Acceleration

Plug-ins can Undo too

New Features